It all began by recognising that textile production uses huge quantities of water. And it culminated in a state-of-the-art factory in Vietnam. As part of a joint venture with CleanDye, we invested directly in our supply chain for the very first time. And we’ve now been dyeing garments without water or processing chemicals since 2019.

It’s made possible by an innovative method employed in Vietnam’s CleanDye factory for the very first time worldwide. CO₂ is liquefied under high pressure, allowing it to disperse textile dyes and carry them deep into the fabric. Once dyeing is completed, the CO₂ can be 95% recycled in a closed loop system. The entire process is highly energy-efficient and creates zero wastewater or effluent.

CleanDye offers a sustainable alternative that mitigates environmental and social risks in textile production. When incorrectly handled, stored or disposed of, processing chemicals pose a serious threat to local communities and the environment. What’s more, chemical residue clarification is complex and produces toxic effluent. Water-free dyeing reduces freshwater consumption and saves up to 25 litres per T-shirt compared to conventional dyeing methods.

CleanDye no longer only dye products for us. Other apparel providers have discovered this ground-breaking process too. And every garment dyed using CleanDye helps reduce water consumption and the amount of processing chemicals used.

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