Fibres & Materials

Fibres & Materials

Manufacturing products requires resources. But what if instead of simply “consuming” resources, we manage to “recycle” them when they’re ready for the next stage of their product use cycle. We believe circularity is the only way to safeguard sustainable manufacturing long-term. Product design and the choice of fibres and materials all play a central role. That’s why they’re so important to us at bonprix.

Sustainable fibres. Our most widely used fibre is cotton (50%). However, as growing and processing cotton constitutes the bulk of our environmental impact, it’s imperative we focus on our goal of securing 99% of our cotton fibres from sustainable sources. Most of the cotton we use comes from our Cotton made in Africa initiative. But we want to do more. By 2025, at least 25% of the cotton we use will be fully certified and traceable – from the fields all the way to the finished product.

In addition to cotton, we also process large quantities of polyester (23%), viscose (13%), polyamide (6%) and acrylic (4%) (figures based on 2020 tonnage). But there are sustainable options for synthetic fibres too. We already use a range of recycled materials as alternatives. Our annual agreement on objectives details how we can continue to increase the percentage of sustainable fibres in our collections. By 2025, we want that figure to be 70%. And the target for our furniture is 100% wood from FSC® certified forestry by 2025.

Circular design. It’s time to reconsider how we view fashion. Fashion is more than just textile goods we produce, wear and discard. It needs to be designed to be reused and recycled. Until this idea becomes mainstream thinking, we want to establish innovative solutions for the industry. Circular design begins where fashion is born – at the design stage. As well as examining how our products are designed and used, we look at whether materials can be easily recycled. In 2021, Cradle to Cradle Certified™ products were included in our product range for the first time, and our very own collection based on circular principles is set to be launched in 2022. The Cradle to Cradle Certified™ seal is awarded to 100% circular garments that reuse valuable resources instead of merely consuming them.

Animal welfare & vegan products. Most of our footwear and bags have been certified PETA-Approved Vegan and deemed animal-friendly. Around 75% of our own brand shoes and 95% of our bags carry PETA’s vegan logo, signalling they are free from any animal derivatives. The Otto Group has upheld a strict ban on real fur since 1991. We’ve been a member of the Fur Free Retailer programme since 2014. And when it comes to animal-based materials, we have some clear-cut standards. The Otto Group only uses leather which is a by-product from the food industry. We categorically reject the use of wool from angora rabbits, and mohair from angora goats has been banned since 2020. We do not use any down from live-plucking or foie gras production.

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